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Secure file sharing without compromise


SafeNet SureDrop® enables any organization to participate in secure file sharing and collaboration across the Internet

No matter where or how the people in your organization work, there is always the need to share and sync files - both internally and externally. While you want to enable collaboration, data security should always be the first priority. If it’s not, the risk of non-compliance and data breaches become a serious problem.

SafeNet SureDrop allows people to store, share and sync all their files in the Cloud or on premises with an enterprise-class solution and defense-grade security.

Trusted Security

  • High assurance, standards-based encryption
  • Robust audit capabilities
  • On-Premises version for organizations with higher security standards
  • Integrated key management capabilities Intuitive and

Easy to Use

  • Supports multiple devices, including mobile
  • Intuitive user interface, based on angular framework
  • Simple user enrollment and setup in minutes

Product Highlights

SafeNet SureDrop® Specifications

  • X.509 Certificate Authentication
    Client authentication is done using X.509 certificates.
  • Distributed Geographic Storage
    Storage of encrypted documents is maintained across multiple geo locations for redundancy and security.
  • Regional Caches (Option)
    Options are provided to create regional data caches distributed globally which are fully encrypted to provide greater performance for larger documents and datasets.
  • Web Interface – Thin Client
    Thin client web interface provided.
  • HSM (Key Management) Support
    Support for Open Standards Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s) ensures that Key Management is secured to FIPS and CC standards using an open standard without trusting your key management to the individual vendor’s proprietary system.
  • Native Windows File-system Encryption Support
    Native support for Windows Encrypted File-system ensures that even when a document is at rest and opened for editing on the desktop, it is still encrypted and secure.
  • Mobile Client
    iOS client support.

SafeNet SureDrop® Features

  • State-of-the-Art Client-Side Encryption
  • X.509 Certificate Authentication
  • Distributed Geographic Storage
  • Regional Caches (Option)
  • Web Interface – Thin Client
  • Unique and private instance for each enterprise account
  • Support for Thinly Provisioned Local File Copies
  • Data Leakage Protection
  • Support for Client On-Site Data Cache
  • Support for Client On-Site Key Management
  • HSM (Key Management) Support
  • Native Windows File-system Encryption Support
  • Off-line File Access > Mobile Client
  • Active Directory (LDAP)
  • SAML Integration (coming soon)
  • Report Capability
  • Storage Management – Quota Support
  • Flexible Document Ownership
  • Expiry of Files by Date
  • Non Destructive Deletes
  • Multi Version File Support
  • Automatic Conflict Resolution
  • Deduplication Support
  • Compression Support

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