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Database Encryption Solutions for Structured and Unstructured Data

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Virtually every critical digital business asset ultimately makes it into a corporate database.

As such, these repositories are especially sought-after targets of malicious insiders and cyber attackers.

It is their compromise that tends to pose the most devastating strategic and financial penalties to victimized businesses.

Overcoming database security challenges

With the prevalence of data breaches continuing to rise, it is likewise becoming increasingly urgent to implement reliable database encryption and key management solutions.

Applying proper security is also becoming more challenging; data volumes are growing by leaps and bounds while the infrastructures built around these larger databases are growing in complexity. More systems now require security from a greater number of threats coming from both traditional, and new and unexpected directions.

Gemalto helps enterprises overcome all of these challenges.

Need protection for SQL or NoSQL? We've got you covered

Is Your Enterprise's Database Vulnerable?

Learn how to keep your database data safe wherever it goes with the Gemalto SafeNet portfolio of data protection solutions.

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NoSQL Database Encryption White Paper

Our database encryption solutions:

Protect your databases at the column level

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SafeNet ProtectDB delivers efficient, transparent column-level encryption for structured data and SQL databases.

SafeNet ProtectDB does not require any changes to the database structure yet offers customers the added security of placing protection within the database itself while following the best practice of storing encryption keys outside of the database table or the server it is running on.

Transparent column-level encryption is a flexible and effective tool that addresses a wide range of security objectives, including securing financial data, complying with PCI DSS, and safeguarding PII.

Learn more about SafeNet ProtectDB
As the most popular non-relational database, MongoDB customers demand a simple and secure approach for their robust mission critical applications. Together with Gemalto, we can offer our Enterprise customers an enhanced solution that includes transparent file encryption and key management, which address the important security challenges customers face.
- Alan Chhabra, VP of Partners at MongoDB

Why You’ll Love Our Database Encryption:

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Gemalto’s SafeNet data protection portfolio offers an array of options for database encryption.

Our portfolio approach allows us to provide security anywhere in the data flow – from creation to storage – regardless of the challenges and constraints you may be facing.

SafeNet Solutions Offer:

  • Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)
  • API-based encryption libraries
  • Chef and Docker support
  • Availability in a variety of cloud marketplaces
  • Centralized key and policy administration

In short, SafeNet data protection solutions address database security needs without impacting your ability to deliver on the bottom line.

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