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IBM DB2 Data Encryption Solutions

IBM DB2 database is optimized to deliver enterprise-wide solutions with extreme performance, flexibility, scalability and availability for organizations of any size from either on-premises or the cloud. This makes it one of the industry's leading databases with a large customer base spanning enterprises of all sizes. These organizations depend on IBM DB2 databases, and as such, use it to handle valuable sensitive data that needs security.

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IBM DB2 data encryption solutions

Encryption can effectively address the security and compliance concerns by attaching security directly to the data itself. Through encryption or tokenization, Gemalto secures this sensitive data and helps IBM DB2 database users mitigate threats posed by hackers and privileged administrators without impeding operations or the user experience. The SafeNet data protection portfolio offers a range of options for IBM DB2 database encryption.

Protect your databases in the cloud

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SafeNet ProtectDB delivers efficient, transparent column-level encryption for IBM DB2 databases. Its client based approach does not require any changes to the database structure yet offers customers the benefits of only securing the columns of data that are sensitive or valuable.

It follows the best practice of storing encryption keys outside of the database table or the server it is running on in favor of keeping it in the enterprise key manager, Safenet KeySecure. SafeNet ProtectDB is transparent to users and applications in order to keep data safe without impacting the user experience.

Additionally, its column-level encryption is a flexible and effective approach addresses a wide range of security objectives, including securing financial data, complying with PCI DSS, and safeguarding PII.

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Format-preserving tokenization for IBM DB2

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SafeNet Tokenization replaces sensitive structured data in SQL databases with a token, or random value of the same length and format, before it is stored in the database.

Gemalto's SafeNet Tokenization offers the flexibility to use standard or customized format preserving options without making any changes to your existing applications or databases.

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Why You’ll Love Our IBM DB2 Data Encryption:

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Gemalto's portfolio approach to IBM DB2 database security provides protection anywhere in the data's flow — from creation to storage — regardless of the challenges and constraints facing customers.

SafeNet Solutions Offer:

  • Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)
  • API-based encryption libraries
  • Chef and Docker support
  • Interoperability with any cloud
  • Centralized key and policy administration

In short, SafeNet data protection solutions address customers' IBM DB2 security needs without impacting their operations or bottom line.

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