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SQL Encryption Solutions

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SQL databases – the traditional technology for managing structured data – are often the largest repository of sensitive data within an organization. Data of fixed length or format such as credit card or social security numbers live in columns beside e-mail addresses and other useful personal data all held in the same file.

The same convenience that organizations enjoy by storing all of this data in one place also make it an attractive target for anyone looking to exploit and benefit from this sensitive data.

The critical role of SQL encryption

Properly securing SQL databases requires many layers – from closing specific ports to enabling proper authentication to the database. Encryption plays an important role in this security.

It keeps sensitive data safe by assuring that the database administrator can manage the database environment without seeing data in clear text, thereby mitigating the risk that a disgruntled employee can abuse their privileged position.

Encryption also keeps data safe in the event of a security breach or a stolen or misplaced backup by ensuring the data remains unreadable and useless to the unauthorized holder of the database file. As encryption addresses these security challenges, it also addresses the regulatory requirements with which organizations must comply.

Protection for the most popular SQL environments

As a leader in the encryption and key management field, Gemalto can help you tailor a comprehensive security suite for your organization capable of protecting data in one or several of today's leading SQL database providers. 

Gemalto's SafeNet data protection solutions for SQL:

Protect your databases at the column level

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SafeNet ProtectDB delivers transparent column-level encryption (standard or format-preserving) for structured data in SQL databases.

Column-level encryption allows organizations to secure only the data that is sensitive or governed by regulation without affecting other important - but less sensitive - data.

SafeNet ProtectDB does not require any changes to your applications or to the architecture of your database table, but still delivers a very fine level of security backed by robust policy-based access controls.

Learn more about SafeNet ProtectDB

Why You’ll Love Our SQL Database Encryption:

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Gemalto's portfolio of SafeNet data protection solutions address the challenges organizations face in securing sensitive structured data in their SQL databases.

SafeNet Solutions Offer:

  • Secure data anywhere in its flow from creation to storage with strong encryption and tokenization
  • Scalable, flexible solutions to grow as your needs do
  • Avoid adversely impacting business operations or compliance with industry regulations
  • Centralized key and policy administration

In short, SafeNet data protection solutions address SQL encryption, tokenization, and key management needs without impacting your ability to leverage the data or deliver on the bottom line.

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