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Digital Signatures Using PKI

Streamline business processes and reduce time and costs associated with traditional paper-based document signing

Digital Signature

Digital Signatures Using PKI

Streamline business processes and reduce time and costs associated with traditional paper-based document signing

As organizations move from paper toward digital business processes and initiatives, Gemalto PKI solutions are secure, portable, and simple-to-use solution that streamlines business processes and reduces the time and costs associated with traditional paper-based document signing. Gemalto users can digitally sign documents, files, forms, and transactions anywhere using SafeNet eTokens or IDPrime smart cards as the Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD) or Qualified Secure Signature Creation Device (QSCD), ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and a seamless transition towards a paperless office environment. Gemalto PKI solutions guarantee signer authenticity and the data integrity of documents in a manner that is secure and easy to deploy and manage.

Streamline Business Processes

Replace handwritten signatures and paperwork, and reduce approval process timelines for multiple authorizing signatures.

Paperless office

Reduce costs associated with traditional paper-based processes (i.e., paper, printing, ink, faxing, postage, and processing time).


Using standards-based digital signatures and X.509 certificates in accordance with regulatory guidelines enables the integrity of documents to be maintained.

Non Repudiation

Digitally signed documents and transactions are sealed electronically, providing evidence of signer and document authenticity and guaranteeing document integrity and thus are resistant to fraud and tampering.

High assurance

With PKI-based trusted credentials, the level of assurance is typically higher than that of electronic signatures protected only by a password. Standards-Based Gemalto PKI solutions enable compliance with security and privacy standards.


Users who want to digitally sign or secure documents need only select the digital certificate that is stored on the SafeNet eToken or IDPrime smart card. This process enables users to create certified documents that authenticate their identity and validate their integrity.

All-in-one convenience

In addition to digital signature, Gemalto PKI-based hardware solutions can provide multiple security functions in one device. For example, smart cards can be used for authentication, endpoint protection, digital signature, email encryption and physical access to buildings and secure areas.

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Feature Brief

Identity and Authentication PKI Portfolio - Feature Brief

Gemalto offers comprehensive public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication solutions that provide optimal levels of security. Supporting a wide portfolio of IDPrime smart cards and USB eTokens, Gemalto’s authentication management solutions ensure the proper security controls are in place to verify the identity of users and enable advanced security applications such as authentication, digital signing and encrypted email on any PC, desktop or mobile device.

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