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4Point: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

About 4Point

4Point's QuickStart Solutions help many leading organizations easily institute desired business process automation capabilities, which involves streamlining processes to create a seamless experience that improves efficiency, reduces IT support, and cuts costs. 4Point created an eInvoice QuickStart Solution to help put companies on the right track to delivering significant invoicing results and benefiting from substantial savings. Built with Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, the 4Point eInvoice QuickStart fully integrates with existing systems, handles complex data flows, allows for digital signing with an add-on module, and ensures secure delivery.


4Point has joined with SafeNet to enhance the eInvoice QuickStart solution with enhanced security for digital signatures with the Luna SA hardware security module (HSM). SafeNet ensures complete protection when it comes to communications, intellectual property, and digital identities, and integrating the Luna SA HSM into the eInvoice QuickStart Digital Signature Module helps to guarantee eInvoice's security.

4Point: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

106 Colonnade Road, Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7L6
North America
Main Phone: 1.866.485.2999

Integrated Application(s):

    4Point eInvoice QuickStart: Digital Signatures with Luna SA

    SafeNet Luna SA integrates with 4Point eInvoice QuickStart to provide users with a digital signatures solution.

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