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CipherCloud: Cloud Encryption Gateways with SafeNet

About CipherCloud

CipherCloud enables organizations to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, residency, security, and regulatory compliance risks and concerns. CipherCloud’s Cloud Encryption Gateway delivers an open platform with full security.

Their Cloud Encryption Gateway application works together with SafeNet KeySecure to enhance the protection and management of encryption keys.


CipherCloud’s Cloud Encryption Gateway delivers an open platform with full security controls including encryption (FIPS 140-2), tokenization, cloud data loss prevention, cloud malware detection and activity monitoring. CipherCloud’s technology protects sensitive information in real time, before it is sent to the cloud, while preserving the application’s usability and functionality for users. A critical component of encryption security is guarding the encryption keys, which is where SafeNet’s KeySecure adds that essential extra layer of rock-solid protection and management to protect these keys.

CipherCloud: Cloud Encryption Gateways with SafeNet

333 W. San Carlos Street Suite #1100
San Jose, California 95110
United States
North America
Main Phone: 1-855-524-7437

Integrated Application(s):

    CipherCloud Cloud Encryption Gateway: with KeySecure

    CipherCloud uses encryption, tokenization, anti-malware, and other capabilities to protect sensitive information before it goes to cloud applications. An organization’s encrypted data is completely safe only when it’s certain no one else can access the encryption keys.

    SafeNet’s KeySecure solution is a purpose-built key management appliance that provides high-assurance, centralized management throughout the key lifecycle, including key sharing and consistent policy enforcement. The combined CipherCloud and KeySecure solution enables full visibility, control, and reliable access to encrypted data while at the same time maintaining the highest level of protection of the encryption keys at all times.

    Additional Information and Resources

    CipherCloud Encryption Gateway and SafeNet KeySecure solution brief

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