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PKWare: File and Disk Encryption with SafeNet

About PKWare

PKWare PKWARE encrypts data from the moment it’s created—even before it hits the hard drive. This unique approach to encryption recognizes that data is everywhere—and protects it. PKWARE secures data wherever it lives, throughout the data lifecycle—giving you the confidence that your data will be safe wherever it is used, shared, or stored. For enhanced security, PKWare’s Smartcrypt Platform effectively integrates with SafeNet KeySecure, a file and disk encryption solution that protects data and digital keys.


PKWARE’s Smartcrypt Platform delivers persistent data protection without many of the tradeoffs that have prevented organizations from adopting strong encryption. Because the data is encrypted as soon as it’s created—no matter what operation system or platform it’s on—data can be protected across all major enterprise computing platforms, including mainframe systems running z/OS. For further security for this data, PKWARE’s Smartcrypt Platform integrates with SafeNet KeySecure, a file and disk encryption solution that not only protects data but also provides a secure digital key management solution.

PKWare: File and Disk Encryption with SafeNet

201 E. Pittsburgh Ave. Suite 400
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
United States
North America
Main Phone: 1.414.289.9788

Integrated Application(s):

    PKWare PKZip: File and Disk Encryption with KeySecure
    PKZIP compresses and extracts files to greatly reduce required storage space and transmission times. Using the ZIP standard allows users to exchange data across all major computing platforms more concisely and effectively. As large amounts of data are exchanged this way, security is paramount. As part of their security solution, PKWare’s PKZIP incorporates SafeNet KeySecure into its platform. SafeNet KeySecure is a KMIP-compatible Enterprise Key Management solution where keys can be stored and managed from a single, centralized platform. With KeySecure, available as physical or virtual appliance options, data at rest is protected by using a single, centralized key management platform that can manage multiple encryption appliances and their associated keys.

    SecureZIP: File and Disk Encryption with SafeNet Authentication Client

    SecureZIP combines ZIP compression and strong crypto to deliver a Smart Encryption security solution. It allows IT administrators to enforce security policies and ensure data availability to your organization. It helps address your daily data security challenges, including protecting sensitive data, meeting compliance requirements and reducing overall costs and operational overhead.

    SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) is a PKI middleware application that provides a secure method for exchanging information based on public-key cryptography, enabling trusted third-party verification of user identities.  

    Resources and Additional Information

    SAC Using CBA for SecureZIP


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