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ACI Worldwide with SafeNet data protection

About ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide, the Universal Payments company, powers electronic payments and banking for more than 5,000 financial institutions, retailers, billers and processors around the world. ACI software processes $13 trillion in payments and securities transactions for more than 250 of the leading global retailers, and 21 of the world’s 25 largest banks. 

Through their comprehensive suite of software products and hosted services, they deliver a broad range of solutions for payments processing; card and merchant management; online banking; mobile, branch and voice banking; fraud detection; trade finance; and electronic bill presentment and payment. For stronger protection, ACI integrates with SafeNet’s Payment HSM solution from Gemalto which integrates with ACI Worldwide Base-24 to provide an effective EFT payments solution.


SafeNet products from Gemalto protect high-value information assets. SafeNet’s Payment HSM, formerly Luna EFT, integrates with ACI Worldwide Base-24 to provide an effective EFT payments solution.

ACI Worldwide with SafeNet data protection

Suite 300, 3520 Kraft Road
Naples, Florida 34105
United States
North America
Main Phone: 402-390-7600

Integrated Application(s):

    ACI Base-24: Point-to-Point Encryption with SafeNet Payment HSM

    ACI offers Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) as part of retailer payments solution portfolio. With Point to Point Encryption, service providers and retailers using ACI’s payment systems can ensure that payment data is safeguarded at all times – from the moment the payment information is submitted to the moment that it is stored. SafeNet’s Payment HSM, formerly Luna EFT HSM, is a hardware security module (HSM) specifically designed to secure financial transactions. SafeNet Payment HSM integrates with ACI’s P2PE solutions to ensure that the encryption keys used to secure the transaction are stored out of harm’s way in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper-proof hardware appliance. By using SafeNet Payment HSM, retailers are able to account for their encryption keys - and consequently, the security of payment information - at all times because the keys never leave the confines of the hardware appliance. Traditional software storage leaves keys vulnerable to theft, corruption, or loss; SafeNet Payment HSM eliminates these risks and assures the integrity of payment data from the moment it is generated to the moment it is received by the end-user enterprise.

    Resources and Additional Information

    Point to Point Encryption White Paper

    Luna EFT and Logic Group P2PE Case Study

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