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AdNovum Informatik AG: File and Disk Encryption with SafeNet

About AdNovum Informatik AG

AdNovum, founded in 1988, is a leading Swiss software house specializing in high-precision security, application, and integration projects at the high end of the market. Its trademarks are technological expertise and innovative strength. AdNovum is based in Zurich, has branch offices in Bern and Budapest, and more than 170 employees. AdNovum's flagship product, the Nevis Security and Compliance Suite, offers reverse proxy, web application firewall, identity management, and more.


AdNovum's Nevis Security and Compliance Suite features nevisProxy, an integrated reverse proxy and Web application firewall that performs SSL termination, encryption, and acceleration. The SafeNet Luna SA hardware security module can securely store the encryption keys and other cryptographic material in hardware in order to provide a enhanced security for a complete, integrated file and disk encryption solution.

AdNovum Informatik AG: File and Disk Encryption with SafeNet

Röntgenstrasse 22
Zurich, CH-8005
Main Phone: +41 44 272 61 11

Integrated Application(s):

    AdNovum Informatik AG Nevis: File and Disk Encryption with Luna SA
    SafeNet Luna SA integrates with AdNovum Informatik AG Nevis to provide users with a file and disk encryption solution.

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