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BIO-key: IAM with SafeNet

About BIO-key

BIO-key International, Inc. delivers advanced identification solutions to commercial and government enterprises, integrators, and custom application developers. Their ID Director Suite integrates with both SafeNet Authentication Service and MobilePASS for IAM solutions. BIO-key and SafeNet partner to turn mobile devices into multi-fator authentication devices, saving organizations significantly on hardware and deployment costs, while users benefit by not having to continually carry additional hardware tokens.


BIO-key International, Inc. integrates with SafeNet authentication products for IAM solutions.

BIO-key: IAM with SafeNet

3349 Highway 138 Building A, Suite E
Wall, New Jersey 07719
United States
North America
Main Phone: 1-866-846-2594

Integrated Application(s):

    BIO-key ID Director Suite: IAM with SafeNet Authentication Solutions

    BIO-key’s WEB-key is a fingerprint based bio-metric authentication solution built on more than 40 unique fingerprint image enhancement filters that guarantee both low false match and reject rates. BIO key’s ID Directory platform allows administrators to deploy WEB-key in combination with SafeNet’s Authentication Service (SAS). When biometric readers are unavailable or should an organization choose to enhance security by adding another layer of identity verification, users can authenticate using SAS to gain access to the data they need. SafeNet Authentication Service is a fully-automated, highly secure authentication-as-a service offering that integrates with BIO-key ID Directory to offer an additional layer of strong authentication. It does not require any infrastructure, is customizable for the user’s environment, and automates workflows to improve the user experience and reduce management overhead. 

    SafeNet offers a wide range of authentication methods and form factors enabled by the SafeNet Authentication Service including Out-of-Band, phone tokens, hardware tokens and pattern-based authentication. Users can subscribe to SAS, deploy WEB-key in their organizations, and manage the entirety of their authentication implementation from SAS. Overall, SafeNet MobilePASS and SafeNet Authentication Service integrate with BIO-key ID Director Suite to provide users with IAM solutions.

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