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Blue Coat: Web Gateway Security with SafeNet

About Blue Coat

Blue Coat provides web security and performance products that allow enterprises to safely and securely choose the best applications, services, devices, and data sources, the world has to offer. With more than 15,000 customers worldwide, including 86 percent of the FORTUNE Global 500, and a broad portfolio of intellectual property the company creates the tools that businesses need to ensure continuity, agility and governance. For even greater protection, Blue Coat integrates with Gemalto’s line of SafeNet encryption and hardware security module (HSM) solutions that provided best-in-class protection of data assets.

Blue Coat: Web Gateway Security with SafeNet

420 N Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
North America
Main Phone: (408) 220-2000

Integrated Application(s):

    Blue Coat ProxySG with SafeNet Java HSM and Thales Authentication Solutions

    ProxySG is a web access gateway that both secures web communications through SSL encryption and accelerates the delivery of business applications. SafeNet Java HSM hardware security modules (HSM) integrate with Blue Coat ProxySG to enhance the security of enterprise networks without compromising performance by storing certificates and SSL keys in secure, tamper-proof hardware. ProxySG monitors web traffic and delivers enterprise resources over SSL-protected tunnels so applications are available only to authorized users. By storing the SSL private keys in a HSM, enterprises ensure that essential encryption keys never leave the enterprise, and consequently, that network traffic is always secure between authenticated parties. SafeNet Java HSM also offloads cryptographic operations from ProxySG appliances to accelerate encryption processes and further increase overall server performance.

    SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) is a public key infrastructure (PKI) middleware that provides a secure method for exchanging information based on public key cryptography, enabling trusted third-party verification of user identities. SafeNet’s certificate-based tokens provide secure remote access, as well as other advanced functions, in a single token, including digital signing, password management, network logon, and combined physical/logical access.

    Building on Thales’s award winning authentication service, SafeNet Trusted Access combines authentication and access management in a fully integrated cloud service. Our service lets you transform your business and operate securely in the cloud by preventing data breaches, simplifying access for users, and enabling compliance.

    Resources and Additional Information

    SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) is now SafeNet Trusted Access (STA).

    For STA SAML integrations, please refer to STA Application Catalog.

    For STA RADIUS integrations, please refer to STA RADIUS Integration guides page on Thales Customer Portal.

    Blue Coat ProxySG and SafeNet Java HSM Solution Brief

    Blue Coat HSM Agent 1.1 for the Luna SP Installation and Operations Guide

    Blue Coat ProxySG and Luna SP Solution Brief

    Using SAC CBA for Blue Coat ProxySG Integration Guide


    SSL Visibility Appliance:Web Firewall and Gateway

    The SSL Visibility Appliance is a powerful, purpose-built solution that decrypts incoming or outgoing SSL traffic and provides that content to security appliances for inspection based on defined policies. This provides IT security administrators with the visibility and control necessary to address threats and attacks that enter organizations by hiding in SSL encrypted traffic.  Once traffic is inspected and assured based on the established policies, the SSL appliance re-encrypts the data before sending it to its final destination.

    SafeNet’s Java hardware security module (HSM), formerly Luna SP HSM, integrates with the SSL Visibility Appliance for secure SSL key storage. SafeNet’s Java HSMs are robust, high-availability, and high-performance appliances that store cryptographic materials (e.g. certificates, SSL private keys, etc.) in a secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper-proof hardware appliance. Storing these materials in a hardware appliance means the keys never leave the device, and cryptographic operations take place in the module to ensure the integrity of the entire cryptographic infrastructure.

    Resources and Additional Information

    Learn more about SafeNet Luna HSMs

    Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and SafeNet Luna SP Solution Brief

    Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and Luna SP Integration Guide

    Blue Coat HSM Agent 1.1 for the Luna SP Installation and Operations Guide

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