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BSB: Certificate Services with SafeNet

About BSB

BSB provides advanced IT services to customers in the financial, banking, insurance, and public sectors. Specializing in IT solutions, the company focuses on software development, custom application design, training and consulting, outsourcing IT services, and creating and integrating local and wide area networks. BSB Elixir integrates with SafeNet ProtectServer to provide users with a secure certificate services solution.


The BSB Elixir system integrates with bank systems to manage payment orders and exchanges between banks as well as manage communication interfaces, data exchanges, validation of orders and electronic signature signing and verification. SafeNet ProtectServer further enhances BSB’s security by providing a PCI-card form factor to safeguard certificate services.

BSB: Certificate Services with SafeNet

Kasprzaka 3
Bydgoszcz, 85-321
Main Phone: +48 52 325 1300
Fax:+48 52 373 4756

Integrated Application(s):

    BSB Elixir: Certificate Services with SafeNet ProtectServer HSM
    BSB’s Elixir system integrates with bank processing systems--from payment management, communication and data exchanges--to order verification and electronic signature signing. Within those processes, BCB relies on SafeNet ProtectServer HSM, a PCI-compliant hardware security module in a card form factor, to secure digital certificates involved in securing data and monetary transfers.

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