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CA Technologies: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet HSM

About CA Technologies

CA Technologies software solutions help customers drive enterprise-wide productivity and enable them to seize new growth opportunities across multiple environments. Those environments include mobile, private and public cloud, distributed, and mainframe infrastructures. CA Technologies Secure Sign-On and Access Management solutions integrate with SafeNet Luna SA HSM to provide a secure card issuance and management solution.


CA Technologies Advanced Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions help customers provide secure access to their applications without burdening their end users. To this end, CA Technologies works with SafeNet HSMs to protect card issuance and management processes.

CA Technologies: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet HSM

One CA Plaza
Islandia , New York 11749
United States
North America
Main Phone: 1 800 225 5224
Fax:1 631 342 6800

Integrated Application(s):

    SiteMinder: Web Acess with SafeNet Authentication Solutions

    CA SiteMinder solution is a web access management system that provides secure single sign-on and flexible access management to applications and web services either on-premises, in the cloud, from a mobile device, or at a partner’s site.

    SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) delivers a fully automated, versatile, and strong authentication-as-a-service solution. With no infrastructure required, SafeNet Authentication Service provides smooth management processes and highly flexible security policies, token choice, and integration APIs.

    SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) is a comprehensive token management system. It is an out-of-the-box solution for Public Certificate Authorities (CA) and enterprises to ease the administration of SafeNet’s hardware or software tokens devices.

    Resources and Additional Information:

    SAS Using RADIUS Protocol with CA SiteMinder
    SAS Using SAML as an Identity Provider for CA SiteMinder
    Using SAM as an Identity Provider for CA SiteMinder

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