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CipherMail: Email with SafeNet

About CipherMail (formerly DJIGZO)

CipherMail (formerly DJIGZO) offers open source products that help automatically secure email and protect against unauthorized access of email in transit and at rest. To be confidential, email needs to be encrypted. CipherMail’s Email Encryption Gateway is a standards-based, centrally managed email server that encrypts and decrypts incoming and outgoing email at the gateway level. CipherMail’s Email Encryption Gateway integrates with both SafeNet Luna PCI and Luna SA to provide enhanced security for email.


Ciphermail email encryption gateway provides an easy-to-use solution to secure email without requiring additional client software. The centralized, policy-based encryption engine can be set up to automatically encrypt email based on regulatory compliance or business rules. CipherMail’s email encryption gateway integrates with both SafeNet Luna PCI and Luna SA Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to provide a secure encryption key management solution.

CipherMail: Email with SafeNet

2e Constantijn Huygensstraat 50-1
Amsterdam, 1054 CV
Main Phone: +31 208459511

Integrated Application(s):

    CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway: with SafeNet Hardware Security Modules

    CipherMail’s Email Encryption Gateway works with SafeNet Luna PCI HSM, a PCI accelerator card that provides users with a dedicated hardware key management solution that protects sensitive cryptographic keys from attack.

    CipherMail’s Email Encryption Gateway also works with SafeNet Luna SA HSM to provide a tamper-proof hardware appliance that protects data exchange (ie, email) transactions.

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