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Cryptomathic: Crypto Management with SafeNet

About Cryptomathic

Cryptomathic is a world leading provider of security software solutions to businesses across a wide range of sectors, including banking, government, technology, cloud and mobile. With 25 years of experience, Cryptomathic has been involved in the design and implementation of numerous security systems and is consulted by telcos, banking organizations, software vendors and system integrators throughout the world. They secure businesses by providing them with e-Security software products and solutions.

SafeNet’s Luna PCI HSM (hardware security module) and ProtectServer PCI-compliant expansion card integrate with Cryptomathic solutions to bring an additional layer of security solutions.


Cryptomathic’s product range covers e-Security tools for professional application development, trust products, and data preparation for smart cards. They provide security systems for eBanking, PKI, ID and ePassport, card issuing, advanced key management and managed cryptography.

Cryptomathic integrates with both SafeNet Luna PCI accelerator card and ProtectServer PCI-compliant expansion card for an additional layer of crypto management and security solutions. SafeNet Luna PCI HSM, a PCI accelerator card, provides users with a dedicated hardware key management solution that protects sensitive cryptographic keys from attack. And SafeNet’s ProtectServer PCI-X-compliant expansion card is FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated and provides tamper-protected security safeguards against physical attacks on HSMs.

Cryptomathic also integrates with SafeNet Trusted Access to provide a comprehensive centralized signing solution to our clients.

Cryptomathic: Crypto Management with SafeNet

Jægergårdsgade 118
Aarhus C, DK-8000
Main Phone: +45 8676 2288
Fax:+45 8620 2975

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