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Customer Loyalty, Trust and Data Breaches

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Gemalto recently conducted a global survey of consumers to assess how they perceive organizations that are the victim of data breaches. The findings, as outlined in the infographic below, show that breaches and the perceptions customers have of organizations' data security standards have a significant impact on consumers' willingness to continue engaging with a business.

Infographic Customer Loyalty, Trust and Data Breaches Infographic

Infographic Download (pdf) Customer Loyalty, Trust and Data Breaches Infographic - PDF

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75% of consumers surveyed believe that companies do not take the protection and security of their data very seriously


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31% of consumers have been a victim of a data breach


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69% of consumers believe that companies are most responsible for protecting customer data


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64% of consumers say they are unlikely to do business with a company where their financial or sensitive data was stolen


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54% of consumers admit that they tend to user the same passwords across their online accounts


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