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Data Breaches and Customer Loyalty 2017 Infographic

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Consumers are evidently happy to relinquish the responsibility of protecting their data to a business, but are expecting it to be kept secure without any effort on their part. In the face of upcoming data regulations such as GDPR, it’s now up to businesses to ensure they are forcing security protocols on their customers to keep data secure. It’s no longer enough to offer these solutions as an option. These protocols must be mandatory from the start – otherwise businesses will face not only financial consequences, but also legal action from consumers.

Infographic customer_loyalty_2017_infographic

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93% of consumers would consider legal action against businesses if their personal data was stolen during a breach.


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67% would be unlikely to do business with a company again where financial and sensitive information were stolen.


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Around three in five say that if an online breach was suffered by a retailer (61%), bank (59%) or social media site (58%), they would stop using that company.


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