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Data Security is Stormy in the Cloud

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In a data security study commissioned by SafeNet, the Ponemon Institute surveyed 1,864 IT and security professionals in the U.S., U.K., E.U, and Asia Pacific about the governance policies and security practices their organizations have in place to protect data in the cloud. The results show that IT security is often left out of decisions about cloud services, as this infographic shows.

Infographic Data Security is Stormy in the Cloud Infographic

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47% of IT pros surveyed said the IT security team is rarely or never involved in the decision-making process about cloud resources


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On average, 43% of data stored in the cloud worldwide is not controlled by IT


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57% of companies are not proactive in managing compliance for privacy regulations for data in the cloud


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Only 34% of companies have policies that require the use of security measure such as encryption as a condition to using cloud services


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68% of IT professionals worldwide say the management of identities is more difficult in the cloud


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