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Remote Access Authentication for a Mobile Workforce Infographic

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Today, more employees are working out of the office on mobile devices and using cloud services in the process. As a result, not only are workers increasingly mobile, but enterprise data is increasingly mobile as well, and must be protected with the right remote access authentication solution. To address IT administration challenges, the increased risk of being breached, compliance concerns, and other security issues that go hand-in-hand with employee mobility, enterprises need what we call A4 Authentication – the ability to secure access to Any application, from Any device, at Any assurance level, Anywhere.

Infographic Remote Access Authentication for a Mobile Workforce Infographic

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About 2 out of 3 Gen X, Gen Y and HR professionals believe a flexible, mobile and remote work model gives an organization a competitive advantage.


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68% of IT professionals report supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) today.


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61% of IT professionals have adopted at least one cloud application.


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According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, “Increasing use of cloud services can increase the probability of a $20 million data breach by as much as 3x.”


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The cost of locked accounts and forgotten passwords is $126,000 per year for every 1000 users.


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With authentication-as-a-service, enterprises can make IT credential management scalable, increase security, maintain compliance, and make the authentication process painless for employees.


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