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Secure Employee Access Control to Mission Critical Resources

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A fragmented IT ecosystem hampers security and compliance. SafeNet provides 100 seamless out-of-the-box integrations for the cloud, VPNs, VDIs, WebPortals, and LANs, allowing IT administrators to apply consistent access controls to your entire ecosystem. A next generation solution offers users frictionless authentication via a range of two-factor authentication and tokenless methods.

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61% of IT professionals have adopted at least one cloud application


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68% of IT professionals report their organizations support BYOD


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74% of IT professionals have adopted virtualization solutions


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82% of large companies deploy VPNs


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A next generation authentication solution provides frictionless management for IT administrators and features fully automated workflows, user self-service portal, solution-management by exception, secure access from any device, single audit trail of all access events, and over-the-air dispatch of software tokens.


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